Drive-In Church at Immanuel (69 Saunders Rd N.N.)

EVERY SATURDAY starting at 6:00 pm Worship with live band, sermon, fire pits, movies + smores!
Here’s the schedule

6:00 pm – We will sing your favorite hymns together
6:10 pm – Sermon by Pastor David Teem
6:30 pm – Upbeat live worship with our Praise Team
7:00 pm – Watch family friendly movie, enjoy fire pits and smores

We ask that you either bring lawn chairs and sit at least six feet away from others to maintain social distancing, or you have the option to sit in your temperature controlled car.

We will have the bathrooms of the church available for anyone to use. The outside doors of the church will be propped open.

Also, you are free to leave early if you don’t prefer driving at night or you are free to arrive later if that works better for your schedule. We promise, we will just be glad to see your smiling faces and sing with you!

If you have any questions, please click here to contact us!

*We will have words to the songs projected on the screen starting at 6:30 when the sun goes down. For the hymns you can google the hymn lyrics to sing along with us.

*We ask that you cut off your vehicles and headlights when you arrive. Make sure to check the weather and bring a jacket if needed. We transmit our service to 102.5 FM (but the range goes only about a block from the church, so you have to be there to listen via the radio)